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These Pancakes Are Tiny These Pancakes Are Tiny

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I really love the colors used in this, the pallete is just perfect =).
This is dry humor at its best, take notes.

Grand Theft Awesome Grand Theft Awesome

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not to much of a Fan

I never really liked Egoraptor's stuff in the first place but I could see where the humor was coming from in them, this I just couldn't.
I understand that you were trying to stay with ego's style of art, but you really didn't quite make it up there with it. you can see this really in the character designs then reflected in the backgrounds. You're characters faces weren't really expressive enough and the whole of the motions felt fairly stiff and constrained, the whole basis of ego's humor (at least for me) comes from the incosistant proportions and the over extended facial poses.
And finally it seems pretty conceited to me to think that a non story driven, poor (although intentionally poor) art design, parody of a parody deserves to sit up there with the greats. (I'm basing the assumption that you believe this by the end of your author's comments, and some of the responses to your reviews)

Demo Reel 1 Demo Reel 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice job with the Animation, One Question Though

I really liked some of the animation while some i thought was subpar (stil lbetter then i can do) but i think you might want to re lip-sync the mouths to matchthe song, but thats a bit of work going into all those old fla's might be worth it though.

Ok now for my question, what school are you applying to?

(hope you get in)

bvhj responds:

the west cheshire college.
it's in england, so i doubt you'd be familiar with how we do things around here...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

For People Saying its nothing like acid

1) Its a cartoon
2) Hes not claiming its like it
3) Its a cartoon
4) 99% of you have never been on acid
5) Its a cartoon
6) True bad trips never turn out like that but, seriously get off his back

Ok Time for the real review

Wow, just wow, kinda creapy really something different, I enjoyed it in a destructive sense, and either something pretty awful happened to you or you got one hell of an imagination, all the animation was smooth all the lighting was spot on, and those camera angles were perfect the first time i watched it I didn't even think about what he was REALLY doing but the 2nd time i started to and the story (or the one i interpruted) was fantastic, i'm very glad this won an award and made me write my first review (+log in) in a very very long time

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Sqeezy responds:

You are awesome.
Receive a virtual heart <3

Joe Zombie :: Episode 6 Joe Zombie :: Episode 6

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This brings me Back

2 and a half years to be precise, your the one who got me into flash animation (been a long time since i've been on ng lol i'm not well represented here) but man i remember them being somehow better. i mean some of the camera angles were awful felt like i was playing resident evil, and that fight scene dissapointed. By columns in the main building do you mean every cyndrical object, if not kudos if so come on no need to lie, swift and maya are much deeper then falsh.

Overall i remember the series as godlike, this dissapointed me as it has no lost the ideals in my mind it once has. (its kind of like seeing perfection in unperfect material) but now i understand you still have limitations and i need to forget about this and remember this how it is in my mind. Perfection.

Rob-D responds:

Maybe you've just outgrown the series.

Taco-Man: Scandals Taco-Man: Scandals

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stupid Bush Supporters voting you down!

"Scandals" usally have to be proven, these are not so please try to make a flash that is not so centered on your disaproval of the man."

wow you don't think the domestic spying wasn't proven, that did happen, he delayed of response of katrina even though he was warned of it's devistation power, karl rove did leak a spies name and i forgot what the other scandels mentioned in the song was but they wer all proven and true.

with that said it was a good song and i enjoyed it, your getting mass voted down because of idiots who support bush like the person i quoted, TO HELL WITH THEM fight the power!

Ultimate Ninja Showdown 3 Ultimate Ninja Showdown 3

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Bad humor+Bad graphics-Action=Bad Toon

well first off let me say that you need to learn how to model, texture, rig, skin, use a graph editor, learn how to pose, get a better sense of camera angles, learn maya/poser/swift 3d/cinema 4d or whatever program your using and get a better sense of humor BEFORE i write this review.

Graphics: if your using a toon shader learn how to use it, if not learn how to position lights so they aren's solid colors, spend more on your modeling and rigging process (if that even was rig i'm not sure, looked more like axis points) the animation was mostly just random flailing if you can call it that, you have to WORK TO CAMERA and make more than little spinning movements. There was no anticipation in the animation, and the flow was poor and undefined.

Style: same deal as graphics

Sound: none of it was understandable except one of the ninjas sounded like he got kicked in nuts really really hard.

violence: why was a sword shoved up that guys ass i guesse that's violence,

interactivity: a play button

humor: i found none of the movie funny i cant see who would find it funny hence the 0

i'm curious if you could do anything decent in 3d, something that could pass as something among a group of 3d animators, but as of now my guesse is no


i'm sorry if you found some of my review offensive to your views on this movie, but i'd rather say the truth.

PureCarnage responds:

The characters were rigged, not textured and created in less then 10 minutes. What do you expect?

Graphics: It's a dark gloomy night, I could have made it a bright day, hence the stars. The camera and layouts took minutes... not because I could have spent hours planning it, because I chose not to.

I want this to be quick dirty fun flash as we battle for the Ultimate Ninja Supremecy... it's not meant to be some Lord of the Rings trillion triangle poly models with full motion cap suits and voice actors who charge hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Style: It's perfect, fits the NG's gendre of simple fun characters.

Sound: I can understand it just fine, some people can't, the can deal with it.

Violence: Yeah being raped by a katana is concidered violent.

Interactivity: Its a movie not a game.

Humor: Not everyone will find it funny, not everyone likes Scary Movie 4... that's why we are all different.

Your last statement... this is a flash animation for a Newgrounds Forum thread... if you want some serious production that takes months to model/rig/render... Macromedia Flash is not it. I have a 5MB limit, not 150MB+.

Glad you didn't like it, don't bother watching any more and save yourself the grief and fustration that this is not some major movie production.

A Walk in Town A Walk in Town

Rated 5 / 5 stars

9.7 i'll round up =)

i couldn't help but notice how similiar this was to vinnie's style (hence the 8) not as much in the characters, but i saw it in the preloader and the city background. The animation was fluid and excelent very good. I just wish you'd take the time to go back and color everything i think it would make top 20 of all time easy with some more color

quaro responds:

Ooh similar to vinnies style?! nice hehe but I'll try and make it more my style next time. Thanks! :)

FOAMY: Tech-Support III : FOAMY: Tech-Support III :

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I don't understand all the negative vibes...

I used to love Foamy, i still do, i may not laugh as much but I feel newcomers to the series will and are rolling on the floor. But to some of the older fans, come on, this is the same foamy we have known to grow and love, this one was a little different AND it seemed it was changed FOR the OLDER FANS. Trying to give something a little bit different that's good its a shot.

Some words of advice, write some new jokes in the same ranting, annoyed/paranoid/ just plain funny ways you already do. It's not that the joke style isn't funny, it's hearing jokes similiar to one another over and over again isn't funny. Before this series grew very large think of how originall it was "Exploding Teath" as foamy's greatest fear, that's so out there and fresh its ridiculous.

Graphically i think your backgrounds and artwork are beautiful, while your animation has gotten MUCH MUCH better it doesn't feel lazy anymore. I don't understand why this isn't outlined in blue, it's odd as if anyone else put a new series out with the same graphic qualities and humour it would hit front page without a doubt.

Good luck and i do hope more people understand why Foamy is STILL great and forever will hold a place in the hearts of millions (maybe 100's of thousands)

Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wait, Wait, Wait... You're Alive?

You were just a little while back my fave. author, but i presumed you had moved on after not seeing one of your once seemingly frequent movies, thus leaving me to sigh at the mediocraty circulating newgrounds. But Lo And Behold your alive and well, with a couple of new tricks up your sleeve i can tell. Although i was hoping for part 2 of Valhalla Nights this is perfectly acceptable. Now on to my review.

Flawless Graphics as usual, yet you continually and drastically improve your artistic touch with each movie you create, the ball was never dropped in the graphics department they were fantastic.

The style really is your own, i hadn't even seen the author halfway through and i iknew it was Jerry, the way the cloak moves so fluidly gives it away.

The story telling aspect of the sound was fantastic, i loved how everything played out so smoothly with the music and the narator, that was great. Although i wish you had gone with a different voice actor didn't feel in character to me. (sorry if it was you)

Violence, not overdone but it was definately there, never over the top and definetly beautifully acted out.

The twist at the end made me smile, as sick as that is.

5/5 10/10 hope you win a monthly award =D

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